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Meet the loaf that's setting a new standard - our BEK Signature Sourdough. Each slice is a canvas of flavor, painted with the finest wheat, rye, and spelt flours, and finished with a sprinkle of poppy seeds for a subtle, nutty accent.

Behold its golden crust, the artful leaf scoring a testament to our bakers' touch. This isn't just bread; it's the result of passion, tradition, and innovation coming together in one perfect loaf.

Ingredient list: 

BEK signature sourdough bread:

Ingredients: White Wheat Flour (with added Calcium Carbonate, Nicotinamide, Iron and Thiamine), Wholemeal Wheat Flour, water, salt, Rye Flour, Spelt flour, Poppy Seed.

Allergen advice, contain: Wheat, May contain: nuts

BEK signature sourdough bread

Price Options
One-time purchase
once a week
£4.20every week until canceled
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